Minimising Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

What can a company do to cut down or eliminate cases of sexual harassment within the company?

As time goes on there seems to be more and more people becoming offended too easily. No matter whether thats gender, colour of skin or nationality, its becoming increasingly out of hand. DPH Legal of Bristol often get asked how to minimise the occurrences of sexual harassment.

This post is a collection of advice we’ve given company owners and HR professionals over the years.

Be sure to review any company policies on the subject. The law changes quickly and if your internal policies are older than a couple of years, changes are that things have changed in this regard.

Ensure that the policies mentioned above are also incorporated into your induction training. It is important to train new employees on internal polices so that they know what is and what is not allowed.

Its a good idea for HR employees to have their ear to the ground and to be able to have a good understanding on what goes on across departments. Strong relationships with other key personnel in other departments can help you to identify any potential issues that may rise up in the future.

Make sure that your internal policies on discrimination are up to with the latest regulations. There will be a strict procedure to reporting any issues to an external regulator. Ensure HR stuff are on top of this.

When discrimination claims do arise, encourage discretion. What gets discussed between any two parties should be recorded but also kept within the management and those involved.

This is a challenging subject for all those involved and it is one of the most difficult issues a HR manager will have to deal with. If the advice above is addressed most issues can be resolved before they go too far.